Teaching English to Young Learners

The ACE TEYL Certificate is for international students who wish to improve their communication and presentation skills in order to teach English to children either in their home countries or abroad. This program gives the students the knowledge, experience, and tools that will give them the competitive edge in the expanding market of teaching English to children.

Nova Scotia Education Immersion

Provides participants with the opportunity to be mentored by a Nova Scotia teacher in a public school classroom. Designed for current international teachers or people who want to train to become teachers of English to children.  Students can choose to take the NSEIP and TEYL as separate programs or combine them. 

Teaching English to Young Learners

The course gives students a practical, task-based and participatory learning experience by providing opportunities to explore how children learn a second language as well as opportunities to create activities, lesson plans, materials and props for use with young learners. The overall experience will increase students’ confidence when dealing with young learners.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The ACE TEYL Certificate is not a teaching credential nor is it an early childhood education credential.  There is no accrediting organization for TEYL courses.

Children as learners

Teaching speaking, writing, listening, and reading

Lesson planning

Specialized activities

Classroom management

Teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Why Choose the ACE TEYL Certificate?

  • Strong emphasis on practical teaching skills

  • Uses pair work, small group work and in class discussions

  • 100 hours of classroom instruction

  • An opportunity to explore how children learn a second language

  • Taught by professional, experienced and energetic trainers

  • Increase your self-confidence when dealing with young learners

  • Have the opportunity to practice teaching in a safe environment

Nova Scotia

Education Immersion

NSEIP (Nova Scotia Education Immersion) provides participants the opportunity to be mentored by a Nova Scotia teacher while learning new teaching methodologies in the subject area of most interest. Students can enroll for four, eight or twelve weeks in the program, and are placed in one of Nova Scotia's public schools. Students will end the NSEIP experience with an appreciation for current Canadian classroom resources, methodology and curriculum. 

Choice of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 weeks 

Observe professionals in an English environment

Gain exposure to current Canadian classrooms

Assist trained educators with instructional design

Live with a Canadian host family

Improve teaching skills in current classroom methodology

Study Length: 4 weeks (TEYL)

Immersion Length: 4 ~ 20 weeks

Start Dates: 3 times per year, see start dates

Requirement: an intermediate level of English (TOEFL 50+ iBT, IELTS 5.0, ECLC level 300 or CEFR B2)
Placement test available upon request.





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