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Our online placement test can help you to determine in which ECLC level you are ready to start, so you can better plan your study and start working toward your goals. Contact us to create an online placement test account!

Yoharu Kakura

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Placement Test at school

If you are in Halifax already, you can come in and take a placement test on most Mondays. Please download the form below, complete and send it back to to reserve your placement test. The fee is $30 non-refundable.

Test time: to be instructed by email

Duration: 80 minutes for Reading, Writing, and Listening; 10 minutes for Speaking.

Download placement test reservation form

Online Placement Test Login

You will need:

- 60-90 mins to complete the test

- Speakers/headphones

- Microphone 

   (If you have difficulty recording your speaking submission through the website, you can send us your         file separately on your phone using WhatsApp or other programs.)

Students may NOT use web searches, dictionaries or get help from other people when completing the test.  To ensure correct level placement, students will take a test on the first day of classes as well.  If the test result on the first day is very different from this Online Placement Test, the Academic Department may monitor their performance in Week 1 and move them to a more appropriate level.

The Online Placement Test is a helpful tool to plan your study timeframe, but it does not guarantee your level placement if you get help to complete it.  To help us ensure that your result is valid, do all sections yourself with NO help from people, books, or the internet


To do the online placement test, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to above login page.

  2. In the top right-hand corner of your screen, click “Log in.”

  3. Enter the following username and password.

  4. Click “Log in.”

  5. Click the “East Coast Language College Online Placement Test” link.

  6. Click on “Reading Section” and answer the questions.

  7. Click on “Listening Section” and answer the questions.

  8. Click on “Writing Section” and answer the questions.

  9. For the speaking, record audio or video of yourself answering the questions. You can then click “Add submission” to attach your file, or you can attach it to an email and send it to us.


We will have your results within two business days or less.