Our Team

School Owners

President & CEO

Sheila is the co-owner of ECLC and has held many different positions: instructor of TOEFL, Business, UAP, and TOEIC; Director of Studies; Director of Business Development; and Director of Marketing. She became President and CEO in 2012. 

Director of Student Services


Donna is the co-owner of ECLC and directs the overall delivery of ECLC’s accommodation, entertainment, support, and well-being services for students. Donna has taught both French and English to a wide range of age groups in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

Department of Academic Services

Director of Academic Services

Brandon has worked at ECLC for more than ten years and became Director of Academic Services in 2013. In this role, he guides and manages the overall delivery of ECLC’s academic programs and academic support for students.

Manager of Academic Services

As Manager of Academic Services, Katie ensures that ECLC offers an outstanding academic experience via high-quality programs and superior student support. In addition to this role, Katie is also a TESOL instructor, and she manages the teacher training programs offered at ECLC.

Department of Student Services


As Registrar, Shoshana is responsible for registering students, completing invoices, and processing payments. If you need information about the registration process, payments or documentation related to your study at ECLC, Shoshana can help.

Accommodations Coordinator

As Accommodations Coordinator, Sara is responsible for expanding and fostering relationships with students and host families to provide a positive experience to all involved. She supports students’ well-being and happiness by placing them in appropriate accommodation, according to their needs.

Activity Coordinator

As Activity Coordinator, Lily is responsible for developing and maintaining programs designed to enhance student and community life and provide personal support to enable students to achieve their full potential. She also plans meaningful volunteer opportunities for our students.

Department of Recruitment & Admissions

Manager of Recruitment & Admissions

Yoharu looks after ECLC's marketing plans to reach our enrollment goals. She also focuses on recruitment for Asia. She works with agents and students to help them with their study plans. Yoharu is fluent in Japanese, Korean and Mandarin and is here to answer your questions.

Senior Student Recruitment Officer

Lucas is our Senior Student Recruitment Officer for Latin America. He works with students and agents to help them with their study plans for English language training and college or university pathway. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish and is here to answer your questions.

Recruitment & Admissions Administrator

Cinthia is our Recruitment & Admissions Administrator and works as part of both the Recruitment and Student Services teams to deal with applications, information inquiries and agent requests.  She can help you in English or Spanish if you have any questions!

Recruitment Administrator

Penny works closely with Yoharu to support our Chinese agents, but she also helps the entire Recruitment team with administrative tasks to provide superior customer service to agents and students. As a graduate of ECLC, Penny has first-hand knowledge of life as a student here, and she can help with enquiries in both English and Mandarin.