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IELTS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I come in person to apply and pay for my test?

A: The application and payment process are done entirely online. When you fill in the online application form, you will be able to submit your payment online by debit or credit card. You can certainly come in person to get assistance in filling in the online application form and making the online payment; however, we will not be able to take your payment in cash here at the college.


Q: Can I come in person to pick up my results? When will they be available?

A: Results are available 13 calendar days after your test date. All results are issued by the IDP office in Toronto. You cannot come to the ECLC office in Halifax to pick up your results. Results will be posted to you by regular Canada Post on the 13th day, so expect to get them a few days later. If you want your results to be couriered, you will need to contact the IDP office in Toronto before the 13th day. Provisional results can be viewed online on the 13th day at


Q: I really need to register for the test happening this weekend. How can I apply? Can I be added to a wait-list?

A: The test closes approximately one week (8-10 days) before the testing date. Test materials are prepared in advance at the IDP office in Toronto and sent to our testing venue a few days in advance. That means that, unfortunately, candidates cannot be added to the upcoming test at the last minute and cannot be put on a wait-list. If you have questions regarding scheduling and test availability, you will need to contact the IDP office in Toronto at or by phone at 1-647-964-3587.


Q: Is the test done on paper or on the computer?

A: Currently, testing at our venue in Halifax is paper-based only. IDP hopes to have computer-delivered testing available in the coming months. Check back here, or at the IELTS booking website (, for updates.


Q: I took a test at your centre last year; how can I request additional Test Report Forms (TRFs) for myself or to be sent to academic institutions?

A: The TRF you received as your personal copy is your only copy and is valid for two years. You should not send your original TRF paper to any institutions, as you will not be able to get another copy for yourself. You can, however, request that TRFs be sent directly to institutions.

For IELTS tests taken at ECLC on or before November 17, 2023, please use the following link: (select CA346 from the drop-down menu).


For IELTS tests taken at ECLC on or after December 1, 2023, please use the following link: For additional inquiries, please contact the IDP office in Toronto at or by phone at 1-647-964-3587.

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