Here are some testimonials from our students:

My name is Kaori Ichikawa, I am from Japan. I chose Halifax because there is fewer Japanese here, compared with other cities. Also I heard a good reputation about [ECLC] from my friends and Agent. I am in UAP 500, which is a challenging and interesting course to pathway to my university. I learn everything that will help me succeed in University. UAP 500 provides high-level skills, teachers are professional and friendly. When I started [ECLC], I was so nervous and shy but every teacher helped me get used to living in Halifax. I like [ECLC] because I can make many friends from all over the world. They are so kind and nice. If I had friends who wanted to study English, I would really recommend that they come to [ECLC] because [ECLC] is a good environment to study, make friends and to get a special experience. I will miss my friends and teachers at [ECLC]. To be honest, I’ve never felt like this in my life! I am happy to choose [ECLC] and to meet many friends. [ECLC] is the best English school!
Posted By: Kaori Ichikawa
UAP Student, Japan
I have learnt a lot of academic skills to help me in university. We had so many opportunities to speak English in class, we played games and my teacher was very friendly and class was interesting.
Posted By: Weixi Yan
UAP Student, China
I am going to NSCAD University and my name is Amy. Now I study in UAP 500 and take a part time course at NSCAD. Before I came to Canada I heard that [ECLC] was the best language school in Halifax and also the teachers have really nice teaching skills. I recommend [ECLC] to my friends who want to study in Halifax. When I leave [ECLC] and go to university full time, I will miss the people who work there because they are all nice and friendly.
Posted By: Mengyu (Amy) Li
UAP Student, China
My agency recommended [ECLC] because it is the best language school in Halifax. When I came to [ECLC], I found that the place was very nice. I took Skills class and UAP class and I did learn a lot in both classes. Additionally, the activites at [ECLC] are very rich. Lastly, the most beneficial thing was that you could make a lot of friends from different countries. I would like to recommend that all students should go to [ECLC] if they want to improve their English.
Posted By: Moyan Mei
UAP Student, China
The school location is very good because it is right downtown and there are a lot of facilities near the school. The system of teaching and teachers are very good and helped me a lot. Yes, I would recommend [ECLC] to any student from Brazil because there are not many other students from Brazil at [ECLC].
Posted By: Deborah Legaspe
EC Student, Brazil
I love [ECLC] because other schools in Halifax have many Japanese, [ECLC] does not. The school focus is on reading and writing and I improved these skills. My teachers are awesome. [ECLC] is good because Japanese students don't have the chance to speak Japanese so you can improve your English quickly.
Posted By: Yuki Naito
International Business English Student, Japan
[ECLC] is the best language school in Halifax. There are the teachers who have great teaching skills and the staff who have always been helpful and kind to every student. [ECLC] is friendly and warm like a family. Also [ECLC] has lots of exciting activities. Thank you!
Posted By: Eul Rho
International Business English Student, South Korea
The classes helped me improve my English every day. I am very happy I have had the experience of studying at [ECLC]. The most important thing to me was that I met friends from other cultures and nationalities and to live in the beautiful, safe city of Halifax.
Posted By: Jazmin Ortiz
EC Student, Mexico
I chose [ECLC] because I heard there were not many Japanese students studying there. I enjoyed my time in Halifax and I liked that Halifax doesn't have many Japanese people! [ECLC] is so nice! There are many different cultures and the teachers and staff are so cool. Someday I'm going to come back to Halifax to study at [ECLC] again!
Posted By: Kenzo Tahara
EC Student, Japan
I learnt very academic English but in different and fun ways. [ECLC] has taught me a lot of things and I met amazing people. I now have a new family and friends. The staff and teachers are always there for you, they always want to help you understand.
Posted By: Daniela Franzius
UAP Student, Venezuela
[ECLC] is the best English school in Halifax. I feel that I learnt more at [ECLC] than in my school in Venezuela. The [ECLC] staff are professional and competent and they are extremely willing to help students. I enjoyed my six months here and I will recommend [ECLC] for sure.
Posted By: Alfonso Marzoli
UAP Student, Venezuela
I appreciate the good organisation and discipline of the school. The materials were good and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Good for you.
Posted By: Sister Merilise Rochebrun
EC Student, Haiti
[ECLC] helped me to become more comfortable in Canada by helping me communicate with the people who live here. I think that my English has improved from the time I started studying at [ECLC] because the teachers were knowledgeable, helpful and made the class fun.
Posted By: Emiko Tajima
EC Student, Japan
If you're looking for the best language school to learn English, [ECLC] is the correct place for you. You have chances to make friends from different countries here. Teachers are very helpful and friendly. The school provides you with everything you need. There are some activities every week like trips, parties, soccer games, ice hockey and more. Even if you come from overseas, you feel at home. I'm really glad to be at [ECLC].
Posted By: Funda Eyupogly
I like [ECLC] because the rules are strict and there are many international students. I have been at [ECLC] for 5 months and my English has improved a lot. The teachers are really friendly and the classes are like one family.
Posted By: Bader Al-Remaih
UAP Student, Saudi Arabia
When I came to [ECLC] I was very nervous. I have made a lot of friends who are from Korea, China and other countries. Our teachers were very nice, kind and helpful and I learnt a lot of English.
Posted By: Kyoko Zushi
EC Student, Japan