Masters Preparation (MP)

East Coast Language College is an official IELTS Test Centre. Study Masters Preparation (MP) and sit your IELTS exam with us.

Purpose: The purpose of the Masters Preparation (MP) program is to enable students to acquire the skills they need to succeed on the IELTS proficiency test for a Masters program.

For MP, the students must be at a minimum level of ECLC’s Skills 400 course, which is an upper-intermediate to advanced course, when they commence studying in MP. They must be at a Common European Framework of Reference (CERF) benchmark of B1 to study in MP, which is equivalent to an IELTS band score of approximately 5.5.

MP: IELTS scores are required for admission to many Masters programs, though students with other needs or interests take this combination of classes as well. Students take IELTS in the morning and the University College Pathway (UCP) in the afternoon. UCP assists students in becoming ready for post-secondary studies in North America. The successful completion of our UCP program also gives students the ability to enter directly into many university programs—especially at an undergraduate level—with ECLC’s many partner colleges and universities.

Objectives: By the end of the MP class, the students can do the following:
•    Develop an in-depth understanding of the components of the IELTS
•    Understand what skills the different tasks are designed to measure
•    Utilize specific strategies to answer various question types
•    Carefully read and understand the instructions for each task
•    Understand the different productive tasks that they will need on the IELTS
•    Build their lexical resource, their accuracy, and their spelling skills
•    Recognize the different types of texts they will encounter on the IELTS
•    Identify the attitude of a writer or speaker using contextual clues
•    Identify the topic, style, likely source, writer’s purpose, and intended audience
•    Manage the time limits for different IELTS tasks and distribute time effectively
•    Pay careful attention to word limits for listening, reading, and writing tasks
•    Grasp the IELTS band score rating system fully, and predict their results

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