Practice Your English

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Choose the best answer (A, B, C, or D) to complete the sentences.

1.   “I hate winter!” 
      “ ______ .”

A.  Me neither 
B.  I also 
C.  Also I do
D.  Me too

2.   “______ a present for Amy?”

      “Yes, today is her birthday!”

A.  Do you want get
B.  Why we don’t get
C.  Should we get
D.  How about get

3.  All students are ______ to join a school club or sports team.

A.  encouraged  
B.  preferred             
C.  recommend     
D.  suggested

4.  Are you ______ the test?

A.  already
B.  all ready  
C.  ready for         
D.  ready in

5.  “Hi, Peter.  How was your day?”

     “ ______ .”
A.  Great
B.  Going to school    
C.  I enjoyed           
D.  It’s Tuesday

6.  Is he old enough to be  ______ for ten young children?

A.  in charge 
B.  in control               
C.  reliable             
D.  responsible

7.   A check mark beside an answer _______ that the answer is correct. 

A.  describes      
B.  interprets  
C.  indicates   
D.  symbols

8.   What does she like?

A.  She likes cake.      
B.  She’s a teacher.    
C.  She’s nice.      
D.  We all like her.

9.  Do you ______ that restaurant for dinner?

A.  put a good face on 
B.  have your heart set on    
C.  keep an eye on
take a stand on

10.  He always thinks of other people’s feelings.  He’s so  ______ .
A.  ambitious                   
B.  considerate                 
C.  pathetic                  
D.  punctual