Social Responsibility

ECLC Social Responsibility:

“Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King, Jr.

ECLC is very aware that here in Canada we live in a very comfortable environment.  We have warm homes, plentiful food, and a safe place to live. Many people around the world, and also some here in Canada, do not have such comfortable lives.

ECLC is committed to assisting those who need a helping hand by donating to both local and international charities each month. Some of the charities we support are the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Feed Nova Scotia, Red Cross, Phoenix House, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Hospice Society of Halifax.

We have also supported more than 30 small businesses around the world by making loans to them online through Kiva (  We have helped businesses in many countries including Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Mexico – from food and clothing companies to barbers, and from pig farms to small retail stores.

ECLC has sponsored young Halifax students on Junior Trade Missions, contributed to the Mayor’s Raise-a Reader campaign, sponsored children through World Vision, and supported a number of different cultural events in the city.

We were also very happy to provide a full scholarship for 7 weeks of study to one of the Directors of the Themba Development Project in Africa.  We now have close ties to the project and support their work in Africa in any way we can.