Refund Policy

  1. Our refund policy is listed below and is also included in our Student Handbook.

  2. Students must provide written notification to the Admissions Manager (or School Director, if the Manager is not available) if they would like to request a refund.

  3. The Admissions Manager will review the refund policy to determine if the student is eligible to receive a refund and will provide written notification of any allowable refund, or any reasoning for denial of a refund (based on the terms listed below).

  4. Refunds are returned to the student by cheque or wire transfer, depending on the original form of payment. Refunds are returned to the original payee (agent, parent, student), unless written authorization to direct funds elsewhere is provided by the original payer.

  5. A $110.00 cancellation fee will apply to all refund requests.

  6. Special Programs may include, but are not limited to, Summer Groups, English for Parents, and TEYL.


Refund Policy Before Original Registration Date and/or First Day at ECLC: 

- Registration Fee and Homestay/Accommodation Placement Fee are non-refundable.

- The first 2 weeks of homestay are non-refundable.
- Special promotions and programs are non-refundable.


Refund Policy On or After First Day at ECLC:

- Registration Fee and Homestay/Accommodation Placement Fee are non-refundable.
- The first 28 days of homestay fees are non-refundable for students who have arrived in the homestay program.









Terms and Conditions

On June 1st, 2014, East Coast Language College was designated by the Province of Nova Scotia to allow all international students to study at our school. We continue to meet the requirements necessary to maintain this designation. Our designation number is O19130326522. East Coast Language College abides by the Nova Scotia Language Schools Act and related Regulations found here.

Before entering into a contract with East Coast Language College, we must provide students with a copy of ECLC's policies and procedures found in our Student Handbook.

By completing our application form, you agree to the terms set out on this page. You also agree to the policies and procedures outlined in the above-mentioned handbook. If the application form is submitted by a third party, the third party agrees that they have explained these conditions to you.

ECLC Terms and Conditions may change at any time at our discretion.


A place in our school is offered on the condition that payment is received prior to your start date. All fees must be paid at least four weeks before you arrive. Subsequent terms may be paid at the completion of your previous term. If you are a sponsored student and your sponsor does not pay your tuition fees, you are personally obligated to pay any outstanding fees that may be owing to East Coast Language College. Vacation may be taken after three months, under certain circumstances, and must be approved by the Director of Academic Services. Fees for the vacation period are forfeited and cannot be added to increase the period of study.  

Student Contract

All students are required to sign a contract before starting class at any language school in Nova Scotia. This will be explained in detail to you on your first day at ECLC. It is agreed and understood that the application to ECLC shall form part of this contract.

Program Content and Prerequisites

University College Pathway (UCP): The UCP program is a comprehensive program designed to introduce students to the academic conventions of Canadian universities and colleges. Students learn academic skills such as essay writing, paraphrasing, quotation, and researching and then apply these skills to class work and assignments. Students can start UCP in Level 200.

English for Communication (EC): The EC program enables students to practice their English language communication skills and is available for students of all levels. Students improve their fluency, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking English. The focus is on speaking and listening, and the activities are made to be communicative and enjoyable.

Business English for the Workplace (BEW): Students in BEW learn the language of business and develop their professional communication skills. Students study all of the skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar, with a focus on communicating in English in business environments. Students can start BEW in Level 300.

Post-Graduate Pathway (PGP):  The Post-Graduate Pathway program prepares students intensively for post-graduate studies at one of our partner universities. Students in this full-time ten-week program will obtain the language and academic skills necessary for academic success at a graduate level. Our PGP graduates will have the language skills equivalent to a 7.0 IELTS upon completion of the program. IELTS 6.5 is required.

IELTS Preparation (IP): Students in IP learn both test-taking techniques and English language skills. After a step-by-step breakdown of the various sections of the IELTS test, students take practice exams in order to track their progress and prepare for the official exam. Students can start IP in Level 300.

Intensive IELTS (II): Intensive IELTS is a full-time IELTS program for high-level students who want to focus exclusively on preparing to take an IELTS exam. This program helps students develop and practice their IELTS test-taking strategies in both their morning and afternoon classes. Students can also take an IELTS test at our ECLC IELTS Test Centre. Students can start II in Level 400.  

University IELTS (UI):  UI is a full-time program for students who wish to gain university preparation experience while studying to achieve a specific IELTS score for Masters programs at English-speaking universities that are not ECLC partners. Students study IELTS + UCP, which will provide both IELTS preparation and the university study-skills needed to succeed at an English-speaking university. UI starts in Level 400. Students can also start UI if they have an Academic IELTS score of 5.5.  

Teaching English for Young Learners(TEYL): The TEYL program is a certificate program for students who are interested in gaining a qualification while improving their English language skills. Students in TEYL gain the tools, the experience and the edge to be competitive in the expanding market of teach English to children. Students must be at ECLC Level 300 to join this program.

Class Materials

All students are required to purchase class materials (which may or may not include books, depending on the program) from East Coast Language College. A fee is charged each time a student enters a new level and/or changes programs. If you repeat a level, you are not required to pay for your materials for that level again. This material fee does not include any personal school supplies (notebooks, binders, writing utensils, etc.). Computers are available to students during regular business hours; however, we recommend that students bring their own laptop or tablet. Students may purchase print cards from ECLC if they need to print documents at the college.

Marketing Release

You acknowledge that ECLC may take photographs or video of any class or activity that you may be involved in. You understand that you will not be offered compensation of any kind – financial or otherwise if the images or video are used for marketing purposes. Any result of the photographs or video may be used in the production of East Coast Language College's marketing material and shall become the exclusive property of East Coast Language College.

English-Only Policy

At East Coast Language College we maintain a strict English-Only policy. We do this to ensure all students practice their English at all times, to encourage multi-cultural friendships and to promote an inclusive and respectful environment. You must speak English in the school and during all school activities. If you break this policy, you will be given penalties and eventually may be suspended from school. No refund is given for time missed.

Accommodation Placement and Homestay

Students requiring homestay must sign and agree to our Homestay Contract. Please see the table above for our homestay refund policy. If you are a minor (under 19), there are additional fees payable to ECLC. Minors must live with an ECLC Homestay Family or provide details of a local custodian/guardian. 

*The first 28 days of homestay fees are non-refundable for students who have arrived in the homestay program. This policy also applies to homestay students that have not started studying at ECLC, in the event that a homestay placement has already been made.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all international students studying in Canada. Students must purchase health insurance through ECLC if proof of insurance in English cannot be provided by the student on or before their first day of classes.  

Minor Students

Full time attendance is mandatory for all minor students (under 19). ECLC has limited space for minors and cannot guarantee a place in our school. Minor students must sign and agree to our Participation Terms in order to be accepted.  

Consent for Release of Personal Information

East Coast Language College will collect, use, and disclose personal information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, and the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education only to the extent that such disclosure is necessary for the operation, implementation, and administration of the program for which the information has been originally collected.


You agree that East Coast Language College (ECLC), its employees, directors, and agents shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death, or property loss and release ECLC and its employees, directors, and agents and waive all claims and respects thereto.  This includes all transport to and from any activity arranged by ECLC, its employees, directors, and agents or any misfortunate event that may occur while on school grounds.  This means that you are fully responsible for anything that may happen to you while you are a student at East Coast Language College.